Cummins Invertor Batteries

Pulse Power ONN lead acid batteries are designed using Tubular Plate technology, ideally suited for backup power applications like inverter and UPS. The tubular plate construction offers longer cycle life and excellent reliability for frequent discharge of long durations. These Low Maintenance Lead Acid (LMLA) batteries consist of plates made of highly corrosion resistant spine grids using proprietary lead alloy composition which ensures long cycle life on regular deep cycling.

Features & Benefits Long service life :

Tubular construction with special paste formulation ensures deep cycle operations thus ensuring hassle free performance:

Low maintenance :

  • This battery requires top up only once in 4-6 months thus ensuring very low maintenance schedules
Cummins Inverter Batteries, Cummins Tubular Inverter Batteries

Shelf life:

Factory filled and charged :

Ceramic plug with level indicator :

Conforms to IS 13369:1992 std Best in class warranty :